Take a moment to explore the Direct Primary Care model. We want you to be confident in choosing NorthCountry Health for your primary care needs.

NorthCountry Health uses an innovative model known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). In this model, doctors are paid directly by their patients rather than through a government payer or health insurance company. Instead of the typical fee-for-service model where you may be charged copays and expensive office visit charges, DPC utilizes a membership service. This significantly cuts down on wait times, allows you more time with your doctor, while also reducing your out-of-pocket costs. It’s very simple, direct, and provides you the care you need, when you need it.

While Direct Primary Care is similar to concierge medicine, there are some specific differences. Traditionally, concierge models bill a membership rate and also bill insurance companies. NorthCountry Health does not bill insurance. In addition, concierge practices are typically much more expensive. NorthCountry Health will offer similar services to other concierge medicine models at a fraction of the cost.

All patients are encouraged to have health insurance to cover major medical expenses such as a hospitalization or a major medical procedure. However, with access to our services, most of your primary health care needs can be met with Direct Primary Care at NorthCountry Health.

You should expect more face-to-face time with your doctor, as all appointments will be 30-60 minutes. We are excited to see you in the clinic, but we know that you are busy, so we are happy to coordinate virtual visits and appointments outside of the typical 8-5 hours when it is needed. You can also expect easy access to your doctor. We can be accessed via text, phone, and email. We understand that health care needs can happen anytime, and we offer support when you need it.

Simply put, there are none. This is the main reason that we are offering direct primary care. In a traditional fee-for-service model, the typical doctor takes on patient panels of around two thousand patients. At NorthCountry Health, our doctors limit our total patient numbers to around 500, which allows us to have extended appointments and expanded access for our patients. Same-day and next-day appointments are available when you need it.

Very.  We want to be accessible to patients when they need care. Medical issues can occur at any time, and we plan to be available for you when you need it. However, to be the best doctor for our patients, we also need to have time to take care of our own wellness. There will be times when we need a vacation. Rest assured that we will make sure to let our patients know well in advance so your questions or concerns can be addressed before departure. Most of the time we will still be available when questions or concerns come up urgently.

Yes! Dr. Ryan has been doing housecalls for his entire career. The Direct Primary Care model is all about meeting patients where they are, and this is a perfect example of doing this literally. Of course, home visits take us out of the office and restrict access to other patients, so these will be limited to those patients that absolutely need this service. Home visits will be included in the membership within 10 miles of the clinic. Patients requiring home visits who live farther out will be charged $50/home visit.

At NorthCountry Health, we are committed to providing timely, comprehensive care that aims to keep you out of the hospital.  However, some conditions require this service.  If you are hospitalized, your care will be managed by a Hospitalist Physician.  These Physicians are trained specifically to manage patients in the hospital.  It is important to us that we remain involved in your care, so if you are hospitalized at UPHS-Marquette, we will visit you in the hospital and discuss your case with the Hospitalist Physician caring for you.  If you are hospitalized anywhere besides UPHS-Marquette, we will be in contact with you and the physician caring for you.

Yes.  If you decide to use our lab services, we will draw your labs in the clinic.  Most labs done through our office will cost a few dollars per test, and you will be provided with the cost before you choose to have your blood drawn.

Yes.  We carry many common generic medications in our office and dispense them to our members at cost.  Prices for medications are transparent.  Most of our members will be able to save money with this service.  We do not carry controlled substances (examples of controlled substances include stimulants and opioids) in our office.  

We will not be accepting any new patients who are requesting narcotic pain medication for the treatment of chronic pain.  The science is clear that long term use of narcotics for chronic non-cancer pain should be avoided.  However, we have experience in using non-narcotic treatments to address chronic pain, and plan to discuss those options with our patients when necessary.   Additionally, we will not be prescribing controlled sedatives for the treatment of chronic anxiety.  If you have specific questions about this, they can be discussed at a meet and greet where you can decide if membership at NorthCountry Health is the right choice for you.  

Got Questions?

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