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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based model for primary care. DPC clinics like NorthCountry Health do not accept insurance. Instead, you pay a low monthly fee, which gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Expanded access to your physician via phone, text and email
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Longer appointment times with your physician
  • No office visit charges or co-pays
  • All services have transparent pricing with no surprises
  • On-site medication dispensing with wholesale pricing
  • Steeply discounted lab tests done on-site (discount up to 90%)
  • In-office tests (rapid strep, pregnancy tests, etc) and procedures included
  • Medically necessary home visits within 10 miles

About Us

Katie Brang, MD

Dr. Katie Brang used to come to Marquette from Traverse City to ski in high school, and knew even then that Marquette would be her future home. Her path took her to an undergraduate degree at Carleton College in Northfield, MN followed by 2 years of working as a phlebotomist at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. She completed medical school at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine and graduated from the Marquette Family Medicine Residency in 2012.

After 2 years in Ashland, WI, she returned to Marquette as faculty at the Marquette Family Medicine Residency. Working in academic medicine has been a joy, and Dr. Katie loved being a preceptor and a hospitalist faculty. She enjoyed her clinic time and forging relationships with her patients, but she always felt like there had to be a better way to delivery high value primary care.

Good primary care, which really takes the time to explore the causes and treatment of common medical diagnoses like PCOS, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease and diabetes, requires frequent visits and long discussions about lifestyle change. These do not fit neatly into a 15 or 30 minute time slot every few months. Thus, Dr. Katie is excited to offer this innovative experience to collaborate with the patients in her community.

Always a lifelong learner, Dr. Katie is currently completing her Lifestyle Medicine Fellowship through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

On a personal level, Dr. Katie values the time spent with her family. Her hobbies include mountain biking, Nordic skiing, snow-biking, reading into the wee hours and experimenting with sourdough bread baking. She is currently making (with varying degrees of success) sourdough breads with sprouted grains.

Ryan Brang, MD FAAFP

After growing up in Minnesota and graduating from Ross University School of Medicine, Dr. Ryan Brang first arrived in Marquette in 2009 as an intern at the Marquette Family Medicine Residency and knew he’d found his home. Following two years in private practice in Ashland, WI after residency graduation, he returned to Marquette to join the residency faculty in 2014.

Since that time, he realized that although he loves being in academic medicine, he could no longer provide his patients the kind of care they needed in the traditional fee-for-service model. There simply isn’t time to identify and treat the underlying causes of illness.

Thus, in the direct primary care model, Dr. Ryan will have more time to take care of children and families, do necessary procedures, counsel patients on nutrition and healthy eating, teach mindfulness and meditation, and inspire patients to be active. He’s passionate about helping patients take control of their wellness and meet their health goals.

He enjoys spending his free time outdoors in our beautiful UP. He camps with his family, hikes, cross country skis, snowboards, and bikes year round. One of his particular accomplishments is biking to work in all weather.

Dr. Ryan is always learning something new. On a professional level, he is excited to manage the small business aspects of primary care. By completing his Culinary Medicine Certification and utilizing his skills in lifestyle and wellness, he has the opportunity to put patients at the center of healthcare.  On a personal level, he is learning fly-fishing and is always improving his mountain biking skills.

Our Vision

NorthCountry Health is dedicated to:

Providing affordable, timely, high quality care you can trust

Supplying the tools and education to achieve your wellness goals

Our focus is on YOU!

Got Questions?

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